2023 Seasonal Rate is $2,700.00 (plus 5.5% sales tax)


October 1 - $500 Deposit For Next Season

Failure to provide this deposit may result in the site being offered to someone on the waiting list. All deposits are nonrefundable.

May 1 - $ Seasonal Balance Due

Upon the start of the season, the balance of the full seasonal rate is due prior to this date. Failure to provide the balance in full may result in the site being offered to someone on the waiting list. As of April 15th of each year seasonal site fees are nonrefundable unless the site is is filled by another camper. 

All rates are subject to state and local sales tax. 


Season Dates

The campground is open  from approximately April 15th through October 15th each year based on day of the week and weather. Water will be on each year by the end of April weather permitting. Winterizing will happen no later than the Monday of the week where Oct 15th falls. Campers are able to still access their personal property as needed. No winter plowing occurring at this time. 


Site Maintenance
  1. Each camper is responsible for the mowing and trimming of your site. Dufours staff will maintain all common grounds of the campground. Push mowers available (note, Starting in 2021 fines may be assessed to sites being neglected with junk, talk grass, or clutter after a warning)

  2. Dufours will pump sites with holding tanks on Monday or Tuesday of each week. Please ensure we have appropriate access to do so.

  3. Potable Water Distribution System Points of Use: Each POU must be equipped with a Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker, Splitting devices are not approved. If you desire to provide multiple POU to a site, it must be equipped with a DSPS Plumbing Code compliant tee and spigots.

  4. All sites should be hard plumbed with PVC or similar to prevent flexible tubing from pooling waste water and causing a stink for neighbors.

  5. Please fill out a maintenance request form on the website for any specific needs. Phone calls and texts may be slower to respond.


Rules Quick Summary

IMPORTANT: Respect your neighbor in or outside of Dufours. Your actions impact our campground, please represent well in our community. This includes all trails, roads, and private property. Dufours campers DO NOT have permission to use any private land or roads other than our campground and Hayden Lake Road. East Yellow River Road is private and not accessible in any form (ATV, Walking, Running, Driving, Other). Failure to respect our neighbors and private property may result in the immediate termination of your seasonal site. 

Rules are Subject to Change:​

  1. Campers are liable for all of their personal property and should carry their own insurance policies.

  2. Quite time is from 10:30 p.m. - 7:00 a.m. (applies to all REC vehicles)

  3. Parents must watch their children with appropriate supervision. No Lifeguard on duty on premise.

  4. Fire rings are not to be moved. Please keep all fires contained.

  5. Outside wood is allowed with permission from the owners and in compliance with state and local law.

  6. Fireworks are not allowed on the campground.

  7. Speed in the campground shall not exceed 10 mph for the safety of children and all campers.

  8. Please use the fishing cleaning house to clean fish and appropriately dispose of the remains.

  9. Golf Carts, ATVs or UTVs are allowed in campground to access county trails. Speed limit of 10 mph, must follow state laws.

  10. ATVs or UTVs are allowed to go from point A to point B on designated trails/roads. Speed limit of 10 mph.

  11. Golf carts are allowed but drivers must be 14 years of age or older and must honor our 10 mph speed limit.

  12. Please respect all campers as you want to be treated.

  13. All new seasonal campsites must have a camper that is no more than 10 years old. Exceptions may be approved case by case. 

  14. If you have a work request for trees, maintenance, or other please fill out the work order form online.

  15. An emergency phone is available in the campground office.

  16. Seasonal campers must help owners log the major coming and going of seasonal campers via online form.

  17. All change in property and site occupancy are subject to the approval of owners. Owners must be informed.

  18. Pets are allowed but must be on a leash at ALL times and should not be left alone. Any disturbance and failure to clean up after a pet may terminate your ability to keep your pet on site.

  19. Large parties, loud music, severe intoxication, illegal substances, and any substantial disturbance are not welcome at Dufours Campground. Failure to abide by these will result in the termination of your stay.

  20. Docks are available, please contact Dufours owners for details. Temporary Boats/Trailer storage is acceptable over the weekend while in use. Long term storage must not be kept on your site. Please help us keep the campground clutter free as best we can.

  21. When you have a problem, address it directly with the owners. Don’t talk about it, gossip about it, or assume you have facts.

  22. As of October 1, 2020 all new sheds must be manufactured and painted in a neutral color. Sheds must be approved by owners.

Click Here for Dufours Campground ATV Preferred Routes On Property